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Cave Tubing & Aerial Trek Adventure from Belize City

Embark on 1 hour drive via the Western Highway to Caves Branch Outpost, your adventure headquarters for the day. The Outpost is located a few hundred feet from the Caves Branch River and its winding waterway through the ancient caves once inhabited by the Maya. Become a "Zip rider" today as you connect to a series of overhead cables criss-crossing the rainforest canopy. The zipline course features a "beginner's zip run" of only 150 feet. Six other zip runs range in length from 200' to 600' between treetop platforms secured in the canopy of tropical hardwood trees. Intriguing karst limestone cliffs provide a scenic backdrop as you zip through the rainforest canopy.

This level literally gives you a bird's eye view of all the tropical palms and trees. The tour begins with a ten-minute hike through the rainforest to the starting platform; the next 2 hours are spent flying through the forest with the birds, and like a bird! A truly unforgettable experience! At the end, whet your appetite with freshly prepared rice and beans and savory chicken!

The second part of your adventure takes place on the Caves Branch River and its winding path through the Maya Mountains and numerous ancient caves once inhabited by the Maya. During the 45-minute hike on the jungle trail your guide will point out various plants, roots and herbs once used by the ancient Maya for medicinal purposes. The entrance tunnel that heads into the underground cave system is the start of an eye-opening adventure.

Your guide hands out head-lamps, and you are ready to float in inflated inner tubes with gentle currents taking you through the cave system. Intricate crystalline formations line the cave and the majestic rise and fall of stalagmites and stalactites add to the serene opulence of nature.

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